Hello & Welcome to Sawtoothcanine.com

Healthy canine

We are a small bunch of people located in Nassau County, Long Island, New York dedicated to breeding & training dogs with the most humane methods known in the dog training & breeding business today. Sawtoothcanine has a very high level of experience in all areas of dog breeding & behavior modification. In the ensuing pages we hope to be able to share our vast knowledge of dogs with you. Whether you want a puppy, well trained young adult dogs , dog obedience training or advanced problem solving we are sure that when we work with you and your dog you will be satisfied with every aspect of our services.

We look forward to possibly working with you and your dog and hope that you will find the pages of Sawtoothcanine.com enjoyable. When and if you get to know us you will find that our reason for working with dogs is based on our love for dogs not the bottom line in our check book. You will find that we only breed dogs to improve the breed and we always put the client and their dog first.