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We are a small bunch of people located in Nassau County, Long Island, New York dedicated to breeding & training dogs with the most humane methods known in the dog training & breeding business today. Sawtoothcanine has a very high level of experience in all areas of dog breeding & behavior modification. In the ensuing pages we hope to be able to share our vast knowledge of dogs with you. Whether you want a puppy, well trained young adult dogs , dog obedience training or advanced problem solving we are sure that when we work with you and your dog you will be satisfied with every aspect of our services.

We look forward to possibly working with you and your dog and hope that you will find the pages of Sawtoothcanine.com enjoyable. When and if you get to know us you will find that our reason for working with dogs is based on our love for dogs not the bottom line in our check book. You will find that we only breed dogs to improve the breed and we always put the client and their dog first.




Please take the time to read our nutrition page.
We are not here to throw bouquets at the Veterinary School of America or the Major Dog Food Companies. We are here to tell you the way we feed our dogs. We were schooled in the area of feeding dogs for one simple reason; We cared and we wanted to see our dogs, as well as yours, live and work as long as genetically possible.


We are not feeding our dogs any specific diet to “go against the grain” nor try some new fad. We feed our dogs the correct way so that they will enjoy and benefit from their diet. This method thrives on variety. It is a method that understands the true physical make up of a dog and caters to its every nutritional need. It’s quite similar to the nutritional concept of the eat stop eat diet (for humans) in that regard.

THE FERAL FEEDING METHOD (Feral meaning “wild”): To put it short we simulate how a canine would eat out in the wild. This method has improved our dogs in many areas. Here are some examples: Allergy protection, Recovery time (during work), Coat, Muscle tone, Defecation (Better utilization of the food means better stools ), Reproduction (stronger boned better puppies), Flea protection, as well as the most important reason for feeding our dogs correctly” longevity”.

I have 8 year old dogs that look like most 5 year olds. They still work everyday and will out perform most dogs that are on name brand kibbles & other “raw diets”.. We knew that major dog food companies were “pulling the wool over our eyes” for the sake of making their bottom line bigger. We had some very good, genetically fit dogs that were having some minor health problems . We found that we were being run around in circles not only by veterinarians but by most people in the business that we always thought were there to help us. Why? For monetary reasons. So we researched and what did we find? The truth! Now We’ll share it with you!

A good read can be found here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_food